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Over is Over
With more resources, including new mobile speed cameras, if you're driving even a few kilometres over the speed limit the time for excuses is over. Over is Over.

Over is Over’ is our call for social responsibility. We are challenging motorists to rethink their attitudes to speed and encourage them to adjust their behaviour by not driving over the speed limit, at any level. Speed continues to be the single biggest cause of serious casualty crashes in Tasmania with one in three crashes being speed related. It doesn’t matter if you’re speeding by 15 km/h or 4 km/h. As speed increases, so too do serious casualties. Findings from the Road Safety Advisory Council triennial attitudinal tracking research shows one in five Tasmanians find it acceptable to drive up to 10 km/h over the speed limit. This shows Tasmanians aren’t taking speeding seriously enough.

For more information, download the Community Attitudes to Speed Factsheet.

  • 43% of us justify speeding on familiar roads

  • 46% of us justify speeding to keep up with flow of traffic

  • 40% of us justify speeding when we’re running late

  • 44% of us find it acceptable to speed in 100km/h zones

Over is Over Videos

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  • Police Officer
  • Paramedic
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How many people on average do you think are killed or seriously injured in crashes involving speed every year in Tasmania?

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