The Strategy identifies 13 key directions that guide the Government’s road safety efforts. The key directions are based on the best-practice Safe System approach to road safety and were informed by extensive community engagement, stakeholder consultations, and independent research and modelling.

Delivery of the Strategy is supported by three action plans outlining major initiatives to be undertaken over the ten-year period. The Towards Zero Action Plan 2020-2024 (Action Plan) (PDF) (WORD) represents a road safety investment of over $75 million, including a $50 million road safety infrastructure improvement program.

The programs and initiatives detailed in the Action Plan are designed to target our highest risk road safety areas, deliberately focusing on those measures that will gain the greatest reductions in serious injuries and fatalities.

The priority road safety areas during the 2020-2024 period are:

• Making our rural roads safer
• Improving safety in our towns and cities
• Saving young lives
• Encouraging safer road use
• Making visitors safer
• Improving safety through vehicles and technology