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Road Users 
Whether you’re new to riding or been riding your whole life, it’s important to know the risks of riding and how to better protect yourself.

Motorcyclists continue to be overrepresented in Tasmania’s serious casualty crashes. Over the last ten years, motorcyclists have accounted for approximately one in four serious casualties on Tasmanian roads, despite representing only five percent of the vehicle fleet.

Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable road users because there is very little to protect them. In the event of a crash, they are more likely to be seriously injured or killed than passengers in a car.

As a motorcycle rider you can reduce your risk by wearing the right safety gear and by preparing for all types of conditions when planning a ride. Try to plan ahead, obey road rules and always be aware of changing road and weather conditions. Blue skies and sunshine can quickly change to grey clouds and rain.

More information for motorcyclists can be found in the The Tasmanian Road Rules.

Motorcyclist Graduated Licensing System Review – Public Consultation

Public comment has now closed for the Tasmanian motorcyclist graduated licensing system (GLS) to identify changes that will help make inexperienced riders safer.

Possible changes to the motorcyclist graduated licensing system (GLS) were recommended by the University of Adelaide Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR) to reduce road trauma among young and novice motorcyclists. The Road Safety Advisory Council’s (RSAC) discussion paper, public consultation report and CASR’s recommendations are available in downloadable resources.

The RSAC will consider the feedback provided through this public consultation process, together with the recommendations made by CASR. The RSAC will then provide advice to the Tasmanian Government on whether changes should be made to the Tasmanian motorcyclist GLS to make young and novice riders safer.