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Lane filtering
Motorcycle lane filtering improves traffic flow in Tasmanian cities.

Lane filtering is a motorcyclist moving between stationary or slow-moving vehicles that are travelling in the same direction as the rider.

Only motorcyclists who hold a full motorcycle licence are allowed to lane filter. It is illegal for learner and provisional motorcyclists to lane filter, including interstate learner and provisional motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists must not lane filter:

  • at speeds greater than 30 km/h
  • in a school zone during school zone hours
  • between the edge of the road and other vehicles
  • next to parked cars
  • when a No filtering sign applies to the length of road
  • if the rider does not have a full motorcycle licence, or
  • if it is not safe.

When lane filtering, take care, and in particular:

  • look out for vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and bicycle riders
  • leave enough space between your motorcycle and other vehicles to avoid a crash, and
  • avoid lane filtering near heavy vehicles or buses.