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Driving under the influence 
Remind your mates what's at stake
Tasmanian males aged between 17 and 25 are the most at-risk group of being killed or injured on our roads and alcohol is one of the major causes of crashes that involve men in this age group.

This is the eighth iteration of the Real Mates campaign, which aims to reduce serious casualties among this group, particularly where alcohol is a crash factor. The new campaign shows how a Real Mate can and should help their mates make the right decision to avoid the very real consequences of driving after drinking.

All too often people think it’s ok to drive after drinking. That nothing bad will happen. They justify it by saying they only had a couple of drinks, they know the roads, there’s no public transport, taxis are expensive.

But what might seem like a harmless action at the time can have very real consequences. You might lose your license, your job, your freedom, your social life, or maybe your actual life.