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Poster Competition - Winners
Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winners.

Each year approximately 1200 people are killed on Australian roads and another 44,000 people are seriously injured.

In Tasmania last year 35 people died and over 300 were seriously injured.

Jurisdictions around the country are working to reduce this toll. Tasmania has a long-term vision of zero serious injuries or deaths on our roads, but need the help of all road users if this is to be achieved.

Students from around Tasmanian were invited to create a poster reflecting the current situation, capture the attention of all road users, and highlight how we all need to work towards change.

Students were asked to complete a poster that;

  • Complete an online entry form application, which included a short summary as to why they chose to participate in this competition and explain their poster concept.
  • They could use PowerPoint, Google Slides, or a design program to make their poster.
  • Posters were judged for originality, and using a template was discouraged.

They were judged against the following criteria;

Creativity and Quality of Design – 25% Is the poster original, does it reflect research and show the ability of the author to use their imagination?

Adherence to theme – 25% Does the poster clearly reflect the theme?

Originality of work – 20% Is the poster distinguishable from reproductions, clones, or copies? Is it eye catching?

Visual appearance?- 25% Does the poster tell a story?

Reason for submission – 5% Has the student demonstrated thoughtfulness behind their reason for submission