Road safety starts with all of us during National Road Safety Week 2023

Alongside National Road Safety Week (NRSW), which begins today and runs until Sunday, 21 May, the Road Safety Advisory Council (RSAC) is launching their new campaign, ‘Road Safety Starts with Me’.

This campaign asks all road users to consider their own driving behaviour, and the role they play in making our roads safe, and to have those tough conversations with their family and friends.

Influencing positive road-safety attitudes among our families, colleagues, and peers can never start too young with our children and young adults, through to our peers and older family and friends.

RSAC Chair, Scott Tilyard said, road safety should not be condensed to just one week.

“We need people to accept greater personal responsibility for road safety and play their part in making our roads safer for all road users, not just this week, but every day moving forward,” Mr Tilyard said.

“This is why we’re launching a new campaign to encourage Tasmanians to think about how we as individuals can be safer on the roads and consider how road safety starts with each of them.

“Road Safety Starts with Me aligns well with NRSW as they are both asking the community to take responsibility for road safety, by monitoring their own behaviours to ensure the safety of all people on the road ahead,” Mr Tilyard said.

There are some simple things we can all do on the roads to improve road safety including:

  • Showing courtesy on the roads – this can be as simple as waving ‘thank you’ or letting another car in.
  • Using your indicator to let others know your intentions.
  • Leaving a safe distance between yourself and the car in front of you.
  • Concentrating and staying alert when driving.
  • Obeying the road rules, speed limits and driving to the conditions.

More information on the ‘Road Safety Starts with Me’ campaign is available here.

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