Why is this rule being introduced?

Incidents on our roads place first responders and others involved at a high risk of being struck by passing vehicles or debris. Near misses are common. A recent survey of 179 local emergency service and enforcement workers found that:

  • 89% report that they have never been struck by a passing vehicle, however 85% report experiencing a near-miss while working by the roadside;
  • of the 11% who had experienced an incident, those able to detail the incident most commonly reported speed and inattention as the cause (79%);
  • near-misses have mostly occurred on highways (52%), followed by urban roads (43%).

The survey results provide a reasonable indication of workers’ experiences and concerns. The new rule means improved safety for emergency and enforcement workers who are performing work on the road or roadside, as well as others who are present at the scene. The rule delivers on the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to keep emergency service workers safe on the road.