North West Football League Road Safety Round

This weekend’s game between ‘Real Mates’ Colts teams Ulverstone and Wynyard will help shine the light on road safety, promoting positive attitudes and behaviours when on the road.

As part of an ongoing partnership between the North West Football League (NWFL) and the Road Safety Advisory Council (RSAC), Saturday’s game has been designated a Road Safety Round as part of National Road Safety Week.

“The Road Safety Round is a great opportunity to highlight the fact that everyone has a role to play in keeping our roads safe,” said the Chair of the Road Safety Advisory Council Scott Tilyard.

“As part of our partnership with the NWFL we also continue to promote the “Real Mates don’t let mates drink-drive” message not only to our young players and drivers, but also to the wider community.”

Road users aged 16-25 account for around a quarter of all fatalities and serious injuries on Tasmanian roads.

“Unfortunately, we’re still seeing alcohol contribute to around a quarter of fatal and serious injury crashes on Tasmanian roads and it’s young men aged between 17 and 25 years old who are the largest at-risk group of being killed or seriously injured in crashes where alcohol is a factor,” said Mr Tilyard.

NWFL Competition Manager, Morgan Hughes, said the Road Safety Round will see teams unite for an important cause that goes beyond the game of football.

“The NWFL is pleased to be able to play a part in helping to tackle the issue of road safety.

“The relationship we have built between both parties (NWFL and RSAC) over the course of the last four years has been down to a common goal of striving to push a safer environment for our young players to use the roads responsibly.

“We’re having conversations about road safety and being a real mate more regularly around the league and I think the culture is changing – if the culture is changing within our clubs, then hopefully that message is being spread far and wide within our community,” said Mr. Hughes.

Players will don yellow ribbon socks and armbands for Saturday’s game, while goal posts will be wrapped in yellow. The game will be played at the Ulverstone Football Ground and starts at 12.20 p.m.