Aiming for a fatality free Easter

Tasmanian motorists are urged to drive safely and use caution and common sense this Easter in a bid to keep the holiday period fatality free.

“It’s a busy time of year and many people find themselves in a hurry to get to their destinations and can often become distracted,” said the Chair of the Road Safety Advisory Council Scott Tilyard.

“We are urging drivers to be attentive, obey our traffic laws and use common sense, which can help create a safer environment for everyone,” said Mr Tilyard.

“On top of our wish list is for everyone to make it to their intended destination, safely.”

Five have been killed on Tasmanian roads this year and 84 seriously injured.

Last Easter there were two people killed on Tasmanian roads and six people were seriously injured.

Motorists are urged to think about the Fatal Five driving behaviours every time they take to the roads.

“The reason we often talk about the Fatal Five is because these are five common contributing factors to serious crashes and fatalities on our roads, yet they are within our control and can be avoided,” said Mr. Tilyard.

“Not only this Easter, but every time you take to the road put your phone away, wear your seatbelt, don’t drink or take drugs and drive, obey the speed limit and don’t drive when fatigued.

“Driving to the conditions is also common sense. Motorists need to slow down to a speed that’s safe for the road, weather and traffic conditions – it’s not always safe to drive at a road’s speed limit,” said Mr. Tilyard.

Police will again be out and about looking out for your safety by looking out for risk taking and bad driving behaviours.

“This is about identifying and stopping risky behaviours before it ends in tragedy,” said Mr Tilyard.

“We are aiming for a fatality free Easter but we can’t achieve this without the help of the public. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own driving behaviour.”