We’re looking out for you these holidays

Getting home safely is the focus of a new road safety campaign which is urging all drivers to think about their driving behaviour this holiday period.

With the tagline ‘We’re looking out for you these holidays’, the campaign highlights the fact that if you break the rules, being caught is one of the best possible outcomes as it identifies a risky behaviour that could otherwise end up resulting in a catastrophic crash.

The campaign is an initiative under the Tasmanian government’s current Towards Zero Action Plan 2020-2024, encouraging safer road use and promoting safe behaviours on our roads. It will be seen and heard on TV, radio and digital media from today. 

“The holidays are always a busy period for our emergency services,” said the Chair of the Road Safety Advisory Council, Scott Tilyard.

“While police are looking out for risk taking and illegal behaviours, they want nothing more than for everyone to safely reach their intended destination,” said Mr Tilyard.

Tasmania was fatality free last Christmas period and three people were seriously injured.

The road toll for the year currently stands at 32, compared to 51 for the same time last year. While 293 people have been seriously injured on Tasmanian roads this year.

“While fatalities are down from last year, serious injuries are up and are above the five-year average, which is of concern and unacceptable.

“Our short-term target is to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths on Tasmanian’s roads each year to fewer than 200 by 2026, but we are not on track to achieve this currently. We need members of the community to step up and take responsibility– everyone has a part to play in road safety.”

This holiday season, drivers are being urged to think about the Fatal Five, even before they get behind the wheel – speeding, inattention, seatbelts, fatigue and drug or drink driving.

“With more traffic on the road at this time of year it’s easy to become frustrated which can in turn lead to bad decisions being made.

“Making the right decisions before you get on the road and while you’re on the road can be the difference between life and death.”

The new campaign can be viewed on the RSAC website here https://rsac.tas.gov.au/were-looking-out-for-you/