New Real Mates campaign to tackle young men drink driving

The latest version of the Road Safety Advisory Council’s (RSAC) Real Mates anti-drink-driving campaign has started today, which aims to discourage young men from drink driving.

Young men aged between 17 and 25 account for almost one in four drink driving related crashes.

RSAC Chair, Scott Tilyard said the new Real Mates campaign emphasises the real life social and emotional consequences of drink driving to encourage behaviour change.

“All too often people think it’s ok to drive after drinking, that nothing bad will happen.

“They justify driving after drinking because they think they’ve only had a couple of drinks, or it saves time and money.

“But what might seem like a harmless action at the time can have very real consequences. Some that might be deadly.

“The campaign’s message ‘remind your mates what’s at stake’ encourages young men to call out the consequences of drink driving and help their mates make the right decision to avoid these consequences.

“We’re pleased to once again partner with Cricket Tasmania and the Hobart Hurricanes to spread the Real Mates word even further”, Mr Tilyard said.

The Real Mates campaign will hit Tasmanian TV screens and digital media from today.

This campaign is an initiative to encourage safer road use and promote safe behaviours under the current Towards Zero Action Plan 2020-2024.

Find out more about the campaign here.