Get home safely this long weekend

If you’re travelling around the state this long weekend, make sure you plan a rest stop into your drive.

Dedicated SES Volunteers are giving up their time this long weekend to help you, the Tasmanian community, get home safely. By providing free tea and coffee, and a safe place for you to take a powernap, these road safety warriors are doing their bit to reduce road trauma.

Road Safety Advisory Council Chair, Scott Tilyard said the effects of lack of sleep are greatly underestimated. Driving is a complex, multi-skilled task that requires a high level of concentration, which is reduced when we’re tired.

“If you’re going away this weekend, remember to get at least seven hours’ sleep the night before your journey, plan to pause from the road at least every two hours and consider swapping drivers where possible. 

“Yawning or blinking frequently, difficulty remembering the past few kilometres driven or drifting from your lane are signs you’re tired and need to stop driving.

“People think fatigue is only an issue on long distance drives, but people generally don’t become fatigued from driving. Usually, they are already tired when they get behind the wheel from long hours, shift work, lack of sleep, sleep apnoea or physically demanding roles.

Driver reviver sites will be staffed by SES volunteers on Monday, with free tea and coffee available for people needing to take a break, at:

  • Paramatta Creek – Bass Highway, between Latrobe and Deloraine
  • St Peters Pass – Midland Highway near Oatlands
  • Sideling Lookout – Tasman Highway between Launceston and Scottsdale