Strong Governance for Road Safety Advisory Council

Former Deputy Police Commissioner Scott Tilyard has commenced as the new Chair of the
Tasmanian Road Safety Advisory Council, bringing a renewed focus on road safety
initiatives, improving driver behaviour and tangible actions.

Well known and highly regarded across the state, Mr Tilyard served with Tasmania Police for
more than 40 years.

He also played a vital and high-profile role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic as
Deputy State Controller.

“As Chair of the Road Safety Advisory Council, I am committed to improving road safety in
Tasmania and reducing the harm and devastation that road crashes cause.
“Many challenges still lay ahead in our journey towards our target of zero serious injuries
and deaths on Tasmanian roads.

“But I have seen how Tasmania successfully curbed the COVID-19 pandemic through high
community engagement, commitment and compliance.

“While we know that we will never be able to eliminate human mistakes, we can do more to
mitigate the damage to our fragile human bodies when mistakes do occur.

“With Road Safety, we know what works and we have a plan to saves lives and reduce
injuries. With a safe, system wide approach we can improve our roads with safety
treatments, promote safer vehicles and make sure we have appropriate speed limits, but to
ensure our road users are safer, we need the community’s support and commitment.

“We all have a part to play in making a zero road toll a reality. High risk behaviours put
others at risk on our roads, but the seemingly little things also make a difference. Don’t go
that couple of kilometres over the speed limit, don’t pick up your phone, give your full
attention to the driving task. Road Safety is everybody’s responsibility.

“I look forward to playing my part as Chair of the Council to work towards our vision of
making zero happen.”

The Road Safety Advisory Council provides advice to government on effective road safety
measures and oversees the Towards Zero Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy and allocation
of the Road Safety Levy.